Fruit and Nut Tree Sale

Let the Sales Begin!!!

The Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society is offering a limited supply of fruit trees and blueberries for sale through spring 2010   Deadline to order is March 26th, 2010.  This tree sale is a fundraiser to support our college scholarship program and endowment fund. 

This tree sale is a great opportunity for our chapter to provide information to people about fruit varieties suited for Kentucky home fruit garden production. The blueberries are $6 each, apple, cherry and peach trees are $19 each.  More about program and general information about varieties click here.

Due to delivery issues we are only offering this to citizens of Kentucky. 

Support the Kentucky Bluegrass Chapter of SWCS and experience the joy of growing your own fruit! Select from the following varieties:


Apple, Cherry, Peach and Pear Trees


Please contact Martha Newby at or 859-873-4941 to place your order.  You can print off the order form and mail or email to the office.